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Halmstad Living Lab is a co-operation between a multidisciplinary team of researchers, partners from the industry and non-profit organizations and is hosted by Halmstad University. The focus of the Living Lab is to enhance innovation processes for companies as well as providing value adding IT-innovations for the consumer. We are currently working within the health technology field and the media sector. We currently have four research funded projects of which three involves users together with SME:s that are creating and validating products and services aimed at supporting and empowering elderly people. The fourth project is within the media sector, where researchers, 7 newspapers and readers are exploring the challenges of user generated content with a living lab approach.

Halmstad Living Lab has a long experience regarding user involvement in IT-innovation processes with specific domain knowledge within health technology and the media sector. The models, methods and tools used covers user involvement in every step of the innovation process and therefore concern both the creation as well as the validation of new innovations. The living lab is a multidisciplinary co-operation within the University providing knowledge about the Living Lab processes as well as IT-technology. The vision of Halmstad Living Lab is to enhance the innovation processes of companies as well as providing value adding and empowering IT-innovations for the users/consumers.

Halmstad Living Lab has applied for membership in the European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL) and became a member on November 13th 2008. The Lab is also a member of the Open Living Labs Sweden network (OLLSE).



Halmstad Living Lab has been granted 2.000.000 SEK (together with HCH) for the project "Towards a Health Innovation Alliance - introducing a Living Lab perspective" funded by VINNOVA.

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